1. Nitha Amalia
2. Born on May 5th 1996
3. I grew up in Bali♥♥♥♥♥♥
4. Now live in Yogyakarta
5. My religion is Muslim!!
6. Allah is my everything
7. Very love my Mom&Dad
8. Miss my Brother Andi Fauzan
9. He's on Sma Taruna Nusantara
10. Random felling with my lil Sister Eza._.
11. Bismillah Jomblo fii sabilillah♥
12. Now I'm in Muhammadiyah1 Yogyakarta
13. I really wanted to be a designer
14. Secretly I still do… (Shhh)
15. Blackberry, iPhone and Camera being a part pf my Life
16. My favorite color is brown
17. I can’t pick one song to be my favorite – I have lots
18. same for films…
19. and tv programmes…
20. Disney Lover
21. Love shearing in My Blog
22. Photographer from Focus Moehi
23. Tumblr A Lot
24. Tweeting everytime
25. I'm very labile
26. I love my copycat or my biggest fans
27. I love my haters☺
28. I love cat
29. I Miss My Kitty!!!!!!:"(
30. and Roro, he's what i miss too:')
31. I like traveling
32. I love our Earth
33. Keeping Go Green
34. I love NAVAJO, Floral, or the other called "Vintage"
35. I like music
36. I like editing
37. I like joke
38. I like tweeting
39. I like design
40. I like drawing
41. I like singing
42. really hate smokers
43. I love photography
44. Addicted with this lil thing
45. yeah, this is originally my blog
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